A Simple, Solid Foundation . . .

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Isn’t that what many of us are seeking? We crave security in our relationships, in our finances, and in our spirituality.

Yet, regardless of the faith we profess, our churches, our synagogues, and our mosques, consist of a myriad of rules, covenants, tenets, and creeds dictating how we must live to honor our God. They leave us confused and often divide us. I felt it might be better for believers to raise up what unites us. Hence, A Simple Foundation was born. Its purpose is to provide a simple, solid foundation, based on Scripture, to live a truly exciting life, becoming more and more in the image of Christ.

This study provides a foundation for faith and practice, enabling you to develop a simple, powerful, and direct relationship with God. It is based on ten passages in Scripture, advancing the following five principles:

1. Simplify for God
2. Thank God
3. Trust God
4. Listen to God
5. Act for God

With this solid biblical foundation, each of us can create a meaningful and rewarding spiritual life. As Jesus reminds us, houses built upon sandy foundations will collapse when the storms of life descend. The house built upon the solid rock—his teachings—will stand.