Author Larry Heitz

Larry Heitz is a successful business executive and entrepreneur; owning several niche high-tech manufacturing companies. He is an accomplished student of Christianity, having studied for over fifteen years with some of the most respected scholars in the field.
He is a firm believer in philanthropy to promote the welfare of others according to each person’s ability. Larry has been actively involved with homeless and foster youth in the Phoenix area for over ten years. At Mountain View Presbyterian Church, he established an endowment for special needs children. Larry has provided funding to bring water to 10,000 people in Zambia, and established medical clinics and schools in other parts of Africa. Southern Illinois University awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Human Letters for his work teaching and his support of faculty excellence.
Larry grew up Catholic—going to church, attending catechism classes, being an altar boy—but felt early on that his relationship to God was lacking depth. Thus began his journey to discover a way to be closer to God, to become more Christ-like, and to advance God’s Kingdom on earth. What he found in most religions he studied were rules upon rules upon rules; making the practice of Christianity far more difficult than he felt it should be.
He knew there had to be a better way; a simple way for the average Christian, no matter their professed religion, to build and maintain a deeper relationship with God. Hence, he developed and wrote A Simple Foundation.
Larry and his wife Sharon live in Scottsdale, Arizona where he claims to be “semi-retired.”